GDC 2018 to host a special 20th anniversary Ultima Online Classic Postmortem!

To mark its 20th anniversary, Raph Koster, Starr Long, and Richard Garriott de Cayeux will be presenting a Classic Game Postmortem on their trailblazing game Ultima Online at GDC 2018!

Game Developers Conference 2018 organizers are proud to welcome a team of game dev luminaries who will take the stage to deliver a very special postmortem look at their work on an incredibly influential online game.

Raph Koster, Starr Long, Richard Garriott de Cayeux, and Rich Vogel, a group of veteran game makers whose combined game credits span a significant swath of the game industry, will be presenting a very special Classic Game Postmortem on their trailblazing game Ultima Online at GDC 2018!

The group worked together on the game, which was launched by Origin Systems two decades ago and has remained online and operational in some form to this day.

It has a storied legacy, and so next year Ultima creator (and "Lord British" himself) Garriott de Cayeux will join Long, Koster, and Vogel onstage to mark the game's anniversary and share fresh insights into the challenges they faced in building one of the world's earliest graphical massively-multiplayer online games.

The death of Lord British. Simulated ecologies. Weddings. Sports events. Players who were orcs. Living in accordance with the Virtues. In September, Ultima Online celebrated its 20th birthday, and attendees of this GDC 2018 talk will learn about the game's complicated history -- and see that contemporary game dev challenges have very old roots. 

This is an hour-long session that you won't want to miss, if you haven't registered for GDC already, don't skip your opportunity to save some money by registering early!

And of course, we've got lots more announcements to come in the weeks and months ahead. To stay up on the latest information about GDC 2018 visit the show's official website, and subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.

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