GDC 2012 Announces Call For Papers, Advisory Board Additions

GDC 2012 organizers have opened the Call for Papers, running until September 6th, while also adding Advisory Board members from Blizzard, Double Fine, Epic and beyond.
GDC 2012 organizers have announced that the call for papers for the upcoming show is open from now until September 6, and prospective speakers are encouraged to submit their ideas for lectures, roundtables, and panels for the event's Main Conference. The industry's flagship Game Developers Conference will take place at San Francisco's Moscone Center on March 5-9, 2012, and will once again serve as the premier industry event for developers to make connections, share ideas, and find inspiration. This year, the GDC advisory board is seeking sessions in game-related tracks covering Business, Marketing & Management, Audio, Programming, Design, Production, and Visual Arts. Talks within these categories will all be showcased at the prestigious Main Conference of the Game Developers Conference 2012. (Submissions for the GDC Summits will be open September 29 through October 31, 2011.) This year, GDC organizers have introduced a cleaner, faster submission system, further streamlining the process for potential speakers. To submit a proposal, speakers simply need to submit a brief session description along with any necessary supplemental materials and contact info. For more information on the submission process, please see the official FAQ. Alongside the call for papers, event organizers have announced several new additions to the GDC 2012 advisory board, all of whom will actively assist in managing the content for the upcoming show, reviewing and rating all the submissions. In particular, these new board members include Chris Charla, the portfolio director for XBLA at Microsoft Game Studios, Rod Fergusson, executive producer at Epic Games, Lee Petty, senior art director and project lead at Double Fine, Justin Thavirat, senior art director at Blizzard, and Ru Weerasuriya, co-founder and art and creative director at God of War: Ghost of Sparta developer Ready at Dawn. These new board members join industry veterans including Mark Cerny (Cerny Games), David Perry (Gaikai), Rob Pardo (Blizzard), Chris Hecker (SpyParty), and Mike Capps (Epic Games), among others. As a whole, the board's numerous industry experts work to ensure the quality, relevancy, and timeliness of all content featured within the Game Developers Conference. "The GDC Advisory Board has made improving the quality of presented talks its number one goal," said Meggan Scavio, general manager of Game Developers Conference events. "With our new board members and the introduction of a new submissions system, we are able to continue to present talks that are representative of interesting and current work happening in game development each year." In addition to the primary San Francisco event, the GDC series of conferences also includes GDC Europe (August 15-17, 2011), GDC Online (October 10-13, 2011), and GDC China (November 12-14, 2011). For more information on GDC 2012 as the event takes shape, please visit the event's official website -- GDC is owned and operated by UBM TechWeb, as is Gamasutra.

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