Game Audio For Independent Developers Honours Project Test

Game Audio For Independent Developers Honours Project Test! Anyone with a passion for games interested in participating in a small 10 to 12 min test & survey? I graduate from the University Of Abertay Dundee this year!


Your aim:
Watch and listen to the clips in each section and then give an opinion by answering each of the questions in the survey as best as you can.
You are allowed to watch each clip a maximum of 3 times before completing the survey.
No trick questions, just simply watch and listen to the clips, then answer the survey questions as best you can based on what you think is the correct answer in your opinion.
NB: I would strongly recommend reading the Survey before you begin to better understand the test and what you will be asked.

For research purposes I am not able to give out any further details on what the test is about as it might influence your opinion, so just have fun!

The Test & Survey combined takes approximately 10 to 12 minutes to complete so make sure you have set enough time aside to complete it properly.

The link below is to the Survey but it opens up in the same window so copy and paste the link into another browser window to be able to view both the Test Page and Survey page at the same time :)

Test Page Link -

Survey Link -
ou have 3 weeks to do the test and survey, test ends on Midnight 1st May 2012.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to do this, :-)

I'll post the results up at the end of May and explain in further detail how this study was aimed at helping small Independent Game developers and Game Audio.

Hope this post is ok with the Gamasutra Team,



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