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Valet Hustle mixes puzzle gameplay with social message

Gaming with a heart
Valet Hustle from Factory Games

What Is Valet Hustle?
Designed expressly for the Apple iPhone, Valet Hustle is a spectacular, Anime-styled, 3D, action puzzle game with a relatively simple premise: players park cars, pickup customers and solve puzzles against a backdrop of increasingly impatient but wealthy car owners outside high-end nightclubs.

Playing Valet Hustle: (Warning: It’s Highly Addictive)
The gameplay is comprised of three core elements:
Parking incoming cars for customers
Delivering cars to customers
Managing Valets on your staff

When combined, these simple actions create a compelling game that requires both forward planning and quick thinking in order keep the Valet customers and staff happy, which allows the player to generate sufficient revenue to advance through the initial six levels of the game.

The Valet Hustle Backstory:  A Matter of Choice
Depending on one’s personal preference, players can assume the role of either Ren or Akira, the young female or male offspring of a wealthy Japanese businessman.  Both of these characters were expelled from boarding school for breaking the rules…they openly kissed a fellow student of the same sex.

Though proud of who they are, both Ren and Akira are forced to bow to family pressure and take over one of their father’s businesses – a parking valet company that services high-end nightclubs and restaurants.  Though mentally and emotionally up to the business challenge, Ren’s or Akira’s success ultimately is determined by the players of Valet Hustle.

As players advance through levels, they learn more about Ren and Akira, whose personal lives are also on the upswing as they from move Tokyo to New York.

The Look of Valet Hustle
Everything in Valet Hustle has been rendered to resemble a high quality anime movie. Additionally, the cars and the parking lots in the game are represented by spectacular, highly detailed 3D models.  Players are able to zoom in and out of each level so that they can see an overview of that level. They can also zoom in to solve a parking problem or simply enjoy the 3D detail of the 3D graphics.

There are also a number of computer generated 3D movie cut scenes that introduce the player to the unique backstory behind the character that they select.

The S0unds of Valet Hustle
Audio plays a major role in the Valet Hustle experience, with realistic sound effects, a club-based soundtrack and professionally mixed audio on the cut scenes.  This is a game players will want to experience with their headphones on and the volume turned up loud!

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