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Section 8

The life of a futuristic soldier is a busy but predictable one in this sci-fi-themed first-person shooter (FPS).
Section 8
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The life of a futuristic soldier is a busy but predictable one in this sci-fi-themed first-person shooter (FPS).

It is the stuff of fantasy: every combatant is equipped with a jet pack and can run at lightning speed across the surface of alien worlds. If it wasn’t for the crackle of human radio-chatter, you’d think this was a Transformers game. The gunplay is highly entertaining as teams of armour-plated marines battle for supremacy.

The controls are straightforward and the character-customisation options are nigh-on endless. During the heat of battle, you can even purchase items such as static gun turrets or heavy tanks that can be driven — and all of this adds a hint of tactical nous to the visually impressive mayhem. The single-player campaign is solid value but the meat on the bone here is the online multiplayer options that allow up to 32 players to join the fray. Section 8 borrows many tried-and-tested ingredients from other FPS games and cooks up a winning combination of its own. Shoot-’em-up fans with an appetite for destruction should zero in immediately.

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