Phosphor Games Studio is hiring a Lead Game Artist

Phosphor Games Studio is seeking a Lead Game Artist to create and manage inspiring visual material in Chicago, Illinois.

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Lead Game Artist, Phosphor Games Studio

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Want to work at a great indie studio and make games like Horn and The Brookhaven Experiment?  Phosphor Games Studio is looking for amazing leads to create and manage inspiring visual material. Our Lead Artists have distinctive and original styles paired with keen project management abilities. A successful Lead Game Artist has a savvy mix of creative and leadership skills.


Craft the overall game visual style and supervise production of all visual material throughout game’s development

  • Inspire and maintain a successful team of both internal artists and contractors
  • Communicate game vision to partners such as senior managers, designers, programmers, etc.
  • Manage full art lifecycle to meet deadlines and budgets
  • Foster positive collaboration between teams proactively and resolve conflict and set-backs


 Demonstrated leadership experience in a gaming environment

  • Demonstrated success in crafting, leading and implementing a full game style concept
  • Degree in Fine Arts, Graphics, Animation or related field, or equivalent work experience
  • Excellent communication skills both written and oral
  • Excellent sense of humor and interpersonal skills

 About Us

Phosphor Games Studio is a Chicago-based game development studio comprised of developers with years of AAA game dev experience and a history of financially successful and critically acclaimed titles across the industry. Our veterans have team lead and Sr. experience on 3rd person Action adventure, FPS, MMO, Sports, Motion Control, Casual, and Mobile titles.

Phosphor Games Studio is an independent developer located in one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Chicago Illinois, the West Loop. Within just a few blocks, you will find award-winning restaurants, boutiques, and a burgeoning art gallery district. Our team members have the opportunity to work on many different styles of games, and some of our past titles include the critically acclaimed Horn and The Dark Meadow. We pride ourselves on having a company culture that embraces creativity, energy, and fun! If you want to work at a company that’s passionate about games, then Phosphor Games Studio is the place you’ll want to be!

We offer a highly competitive compensation and benefits package, including health, dental and vision insurance, and much more including flexible hours and work from home opportunities. Both salary and contract positions are an option.  Phosphor Games Studio is an equal employment opportunity employer.

Interested? Apply now.

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