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Hello earthlings! I will now introduce the main character for the game that I and Andrea are working on. Note that, in this post, I will only talk about how I designed the new character and what decisions I have made. But I have to tell you that I'm looking forward to post all the other stuff about this game, so you can follow the progress, it's going to be so fun! And I know that this game will be fantastic!!

Okay! Let us take a look at … oh he has no name yet:(... I have to call Andrea tomorrow so we can discuss his name:)...Anyway, here he is:

Character Image

I made this guy in Adobe Illustrator CS5.1. I have made some really simple vector figures before, but this is actually my first character that I have design using vector graphics. I'm happy with the result!:) I'm now going to describe how I made him in three steps!

Step 1 (Sketch): I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper, then I went crazy! I made a lot of sketches of different characters, some really ugly, some really odd, some pretty nice and this one!

Step 2 (Vector): I used my scanner to get the sketch into my computer, then I opened it in Illustrator. In Illustrator I used the Pen Tool to convert my sketch into vector graphics.

Step 3 (color): To give him some color I only used gradients. I tried some other color techniques but I really liked the result the gradients brought me.

He is quite simple, but that is how we like it:) We want the graphics in our game to be simple for some reasons. The first reason is that we like simple games, because we both grew up with a Super Nintendo in our rooms! The second reason for the simple look is that it makes it much faster to create the characters and the environment for the game. The third reason is that it will be easier to animate if we keep it simple. And that is also the reason why this characters has no legs or arms, I believe it will be quite easy to make some nice animation to get some life in this guy! That is my next task:) Bye!

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