Get a job: The Odd Gentlemen needs a Cinematic Animator

Are you a cinematic animator and renowned gentleperson? The developers of the new King's Quest are looking for new talent for their animation team.

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Cinematic Animator, The Odd Gentlemen

Location: Pasadena, CA

The Odd Gentlemen are looking for creators of fine video game animation to join our team in Pasadena, CA. Our ideal gentleperson has a deep understanding story, emotion, movement, and humor. They will be primarily responsible for creating cinematic animation for story-based gameplay. A creative sense for visual storytelling, technical problem solving, and enthusiasm for pushing game animation into new and unexpected heights is essential.

Title: Cinematic Animator

We are looking for a Cinematic Animator to join our team on the final King’s Quest chapters and future Odd Gentlemen projects.


  • Create emotionally powerful cinematics with quality timing, pacing, and staging using existing animation libraries.

  • Work with the director and leads to find the balance between quality and efficiency on a tight deadline.

  • Take technical and creative direction from game design and storyboards/animatics.

  • Find adventuresome ways to bring each unique character and style to life.

  • Work closely with game designers and technical artists to create and implement animation assets.

  • Make assets with an eye toward maintaining The Odd Gentlemen’s brand for artistic style.

  • Follow a specific pipeline workflow to make sure all assets are game ready.


  • A minimum of 3 years related experience in game animation development.

  • Have shipped at least one console/PC title as a 3D Animator.

  • Strong foundation and understanding of traditional animation techniques.

  • Understanding of the technical limitations of game animation.

  • A passion for story-driven games and fantastical worlds and characters.

  • Experienced in working in a game engine - Unreal 3 experience is a plus.

  • Understanding of camera layout, character staging, composition, editing, and storytelling.

  • Strong organizational skills and experience with task and file management systems.

  • Motivated to self-manage and actively seek answers, conduct research and explore creative solutions.

  • Fundamental understanding of character setup and rigging in Maya is a plus.

A test will need to be completed as part of the application process. If you are interested, please send a cover letter and resume when you apply. Thanks so much!

Interested? Apply now.

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