Get a job: The Chinese Room seeks a Lead Artist

The British studio responsible for Everybody's Gone To The Rapture is looking for an experienced artist to take a lead role at The Chinese Room's studio in Brighton, England.

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Lead ArtistThe Chinese Room

Location: Brighton, England

Making games look incredible is your passion. You’re an artist – it’s not just a job description, it’s what you are.

You love games and the opportunity to work collaboratively creating rich, beautiful worlds and everything they contain; you care deeply about the artistic and technical possibilities of this medium and understand that those two things are entirely the same and can’t be separated out. You combine world-class fine art ability with world-class technical skills and you’re constantly exploring: trying new things, making new stuff, connecting new ideas.

You love building and supporting a team, and the inherently collaborative, people-centred business of making games. You love to be involved in every aspect of art production, from concept and scheduling, iterations, design and greyboxing, asset creation, lighting and VFX, environments and characters, technical solutions and environmental storytelling. You’re committed to quality, and you want to grab the opportunity to make games with a studio that combines a small-team, indie attitude with AAA production values.

We like creating amazing things. If you do too, we'd love to hear from you. 

Core Responsibilities

  • Work with the Creative Director to realise the artistic vision of the game to the highest possible quality
  • Lead, inspire and mentor an exceptional team of artists
  • Create, evaluate and iterate world-class visuals, assets, environments and all other art as required
  • Drive art production, supporting the Lead Producer on scheduling, feedback and optimising workflow and pipelines.
  • Work closely with design, code, audio and other disciplines to maximise the opportunities for player experience across the game.

Essential Qualities, Skills and Experience

  • Minimum of at least one shipped title as a senior or above.
  • World-class artistic and technical skills in all areas of art production from traditional fine art skills to high-end technology.
  • Track record of managing and mentoring a team, with exceptional leadership and communication.
  • Highly creative and independent thinker, always pushing for new challenges and opportunities to excel.
  • Excellent understanding of production pipelines and experience ensuring scoping is accurate and art is delivered on time and to budget and quality.
  • Strong skills with Unreal are essential, experience with Unity also a bonus.

Interested? Apply now.

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