Get a job: Spatialand is hiring a Lead Technical Artist

Spatialand is looking for a Lead Technical Artist with a skill set that includes some Unity expertise to help shape the future of immersive experiences, global V-Commerce, and interactive media. 

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Lead Technical ArtistSpatialand

Location: Venice, California

“VR” is an industry buzzword right now. And the majority of the technology that has been created in this space has been focused on the development of hardware and content for spaces such as gaming and entertainment, ignoring the range of possibilities available in retail. At our core, we are merchandisers and storytellers which drives us to believe that virtual reality has the potential to reinvent the consumer experience—with an experience we call contextual commerce.

We are looking for an experienced Lead Technical Artist with a skill set that includes some Unity expertise.  You will be part of an amazing team helping to shape the future of immersive experiences, global V-Commerce, and interactive media. 

This is the opportunity to get in early at a stealth company currently being incubated in Los Angeles by Walmart’s tech incubator, Store No 8.  Spatialand was acquired by Store N° 8, Walmart’s incubation arm for developing capabilities that will transform the future of commerce. At Store N° 8, the Spatialand team will develop and explore new products and uses of VR through immersive, interactive, and hyper-real VR environments. Our new venture is currently operating in stealth mode as we work out of our beautiful Venice, CA office.

In this role, you will: 

  • Work with in-house multidisciplinary teams of artists and engineers to build high-end retail focused real-time experiences for VR
  • Develop tools, pipeline, and workflows for utilizing game engine technology for VR, AR, and other interactive platforms
  • Provide technical supervision and support on multiple projects
  • Use Unity's framework to create tools to improve asset pipeline and automation
  • Factoring external direction and team feedback into design decisions
  • Work with emerging technologies to create new tools and systems for interactive real-time production
  • Lead a group of 3-6 3D artists, and (at times) multiple contractors. Provide mentorship, advice, and feedback towards final goals


  • Experience and vast knowledge of real-time graphical and rendering pipelines
  • Advanced knowledge of Unity
  • Keep up to date with the technological advancements
  • Expert proficiency with Maya
  • Experience with shader creation for real-time content
  • Ability to create hard surface and/or organic models with a high level of realism
  • Basic knowledge of programming and scripting languages such as C# and Python
  • Superior eye for lighting, value, color, details, and the ability to use them in creating efficient and impactful visual elements
  • Understanding of performance and optimization requirements and experience diagnosing and profiling content costs
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously, work against a deadline, and have a high degree of comfort with constant change
  • Self-motivated and proactive.
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Proven ability to work successfully within and across teams
  • Bachelors in related field or equivalent experience
  • Experience with VR and/or shipped at least one AAA game

Additional Skills (not essential to the position but assists in choosing candidates):

  • Fluent in at least one programming language such as C#
  • Shader programming experience
  • Good 3D mathematical skills
  • Experience with scriptable render pipelines 

Interested? Apply now.

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