Get a job: Seattle-based Camouflaj is hiring a 3D Artist

Camouflaj, the team behind RÉPUBLIQUE, is about making meaningful games and is seeking to hire skilled 3D artists to join its team to help build a once-in-a-lifetime AAA project.

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3D ArtistCamouflaj

Location: Seattle, Washington

Camouflaj, the team behind RÉPUBLIQUE, is about making meaningful games and is seeking to hire skilled 3D artists to join our team to help build a once-in-a-lifetime AAA project.

The ideal candidate has experience modeling, sculpting, texturing and UV’ing a diverse range of environment and 3D assets. (Buildings, trees, city props, cliffsides, machinery, etc.) Candidates are expected to have a working knowledge of PBR, demonstrate a metallic/rough workflow, can create low poly examples ripped from high poly models and place them in a game engine of their choosing. Lastly, candidates must demonstrate that they can hit the high-quality bar that we’ve set for ourselves and the project.

3D Artists at Camouflaj work alongside fellow artists, welcome (and give) constructive feedback, follow pre-established workflow norms, and deliver high-quality content in line with the mutually agreed upon schedule. In addition, artists at Camouflaj are expected to review and brush up assets from outsourcing partners while also ensuring the content is optimized.


  • Collaborate with environment owners and peers to create realistic, believable, beautiful assets
  • Be comfortable with proxy modeling to establish basic proportions of props needed for gameplay
  • Ability to provide accurate estimates of how long it will take to complete a task
  • Cooperate with artists to hit deadlines and milestones on time


  • Embracement of our core interpersonal values of being open, honest, and respectful
  • Comprehensive modeling and texturing portfolio showing a range of realistic asset from start to finish
  • Experience using 3DStudio Max (preferred) or Maya for modeling, and Substance Designer and Substance Painter for texturing
  • Ability to create and manipulate texture maps in a PBR Metallic workflow such as albedo, normal, AO, metallic, and roughness maps
  • Deep understanding of the value of maximizing UV space
  • Critical awareness of the expense/cost of a game asset relative to the target engine (poly counts and texture sizes)
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with other disciplines (engineering, audio, design, animation, production, QA, etc.)


  • Knowledge and understanding of a PBR based shader workflow
  • Experience with Substance Designer and Substance Painter in a development pipeline
  • Strong traditional art foundations including—but not limited to—observational drawing
  • Willingness to learn new workflows and tools, from both internal and third party
  • Desire to utilize new techniques that increase art quality and efficiency across disciplines
  • Experience developing content in Unity
  • VR development experience

Camouflaj is a dynamic, mid-sized team based in the Seattle area. (Downtown Bellevue, to be exact.) Each member holds a high degree of freedom and responsibility. Tasks can be broad and we are often challenged to learn new systems. Nobody is alone, however, as Camouflaj is a close-knit team that wants each other to succeed, with the ultimate goal of creating high quality, meaningful games.

Interested? Apply now.

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