Get a job: Retro Studios seeks a Character Artist

Nintendo-owned developer Retro Studios (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze)is looking for a character artist to do modeling, texturing and art design in Retro's Austin, TX office.

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Character ArtistRetro Studios - Nintendo

Location: Austin, Texas

Founded in 1998, Retro Studios is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nintendo Company, Ltd. Retro is a state-of-the-art game development studio, working in conjunction with Nintendo to bring award-winning games to Nintendo's cutting-edge next-generation platforms. 

Retro Studios is located in beautiful Austin, Texas. With rolling hills, scenic waterways, abundant wildlife, vibrant music and film scenes, and a laid-back cosmopolitan culture, Austin is a dynamic city with an excellent quality of life. Austin's sunny weather also supports a great range of outdoor activities, providing plenty of venues for top-notch game developers to recharge and unwind.

Purpose/Summary:  An individual contributor who creates 3D models, applies UV’s and paints texture maps via software for characters for video game development. 

Essential Duties:

  • Creates 3D digital sculpts and models for characters and objects by translating 2D concept art into 3D and using design specifications as a guide
  • Demonstrates a good sense of form, volume, structure, and silhouette
  • Demonstrates familiarity with current modeling and texturing workflows. For example: you are very comfortable with creating high-res source models, clean and efficient low-poly topology that facilitates accurate normal casting and good deformation for animation.
  • Creates UV layouts that demonstrate an understanding of proper texel density, texture memory constraints, and current shader and lighting technologies
  • Produces hand-painted textures and is familiar with the role and usage of the various textures types and how they pertain to current shader & lighting technology
  • Works directly with Designers, Artists, Animators, and Production to help visualize and develop game designs
  • Generally responsible for significant portion of larger system
  • Identifies and proposes solutions to problems as they become apparent
  • Mentors less experienced members of the team

* This job description outlines primary duties and requirements and is not intended to identify all tasks that may be performed; individuals occupying the position may be required to perform other duties. The company may modify job duties from time to time, either in practice or in writing. 

Summary of Requirements:

  • Prior experience designing and modeling video game characters
  • Prior concept art experience preferred
  • Experience creating art assets in Maya preferred
  • Minimum three years' experience in character art production for interactive entertainment, including minimum of one product cycle as a character artist in the industry 
  • Undergraduate degree in art related subject or completion of an intensive art training program or equivalent preferred. Specific experience can be substituted for formal education
  • Effective written, verbal and interpersonal communication
  • Fast-paced environment with fluctuating production requirements; may be necessary to change specific duties, projects, schedule or direction on short notice; overtime, weekend and holiday work may be required; minimal travel may be required

We are an equal opportunity employer of individuals with disabilities and protected veterans…valuing diversity…celebrating strengths.

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