Get a job: PerBlue is hiring an Art Director

PerBlue is looking for an experienced and highly motivated Art Director to guide the creation of artistic assets for mobile games in either Madison, WI or the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Art DirectorPerBlue

Location: Madison, Wisconsin or San Francisco, California

PerBlue is looking for an experienced and highly motivated Art Director to guide the creation of artistic assets in our mobile games.

We’re a leading independent mobile gaming studio whose free-to-play mobile games have been played by 20 million people around the world. Our high performing and talent dense team of 40 people is based in Madison, WI but has a global presence and a San Francisco Bay Area office. We’ve built successful mid-core RPG and Strategy mobile games, including a Top 50 Grossing title. We have been named a “Top Developer” by Google and a “Best Place to Work” by Madison Magazine.

Ideal Candidate

You must have a great eye for visual style and a track record of building awesome brands and characters. You should excel at managing art production pipelines. You should be a great communicator, extremely organized, and very goal-oriented. You’re a creative thinker, but thrive while working within constraints. You should excel in highly cross-functional and dynamic environments. You should be focused on business results and building to the market.


You’ll work closely with product leads to set and define the artistic style and vision within our games including theme, characters, and environments. You’ll bring our characters to life and build strong, lasting game brands. You’ll leverage your expertise to shape and continually improve the artistic direction of our products. You’ll ensure consistency and maintain the highest of quality while taking responsibility for the art production process. You’ll lay out challenging benchmarks while also cultivating creativity and empowering your team members.

Specific Requirements & Qualifications

  • 5+ years creative team leadership experience within a game studio (mobile, console, or PC).
  • Thorough understanding of 2D and 3D art asset production pipelines and software tools, and have direct experience managing those pipelines.
  • Able to effectively provide constructive feedback (verbal, written, and interpersonal) to drive the creative process and deliver superb results.
  • Strong communication skills (verbal, written, and interpersonal), and the ability to effectively communicate with both your team members and management.
  • Excelled in prior Art Director or Art Lead roles with a proven track record of effectively managing both internal and external teams.

Desired Skills

  • Close attention to detail and results-focused.
  • Proactive and able to take ownership of processes, projects, and issues.
  • Ability to lead, mentor, manage, and direct in order to perform management duties.
  • Strong understanding of mobile technological constraints and challenges.

Compensation and Benefits

We offer 6+ weeks of paid vacation and health, dental, and vision insurance as well as 401k. We have a catered lunch program, a snack-stocked kitchen, and a refrigerator full of liquid refreshments. You'll get membership to our local hackerspace Sector67 and enjoy our regular socials. You'll be part of an energetic and collaborative environment, and work with a great team. We have flexible hours and are located in a vibrant neighborhood in beautiful downtown Madison.

This is a full-time position based in Madison, WI or the San Francisco Bay Area. Compensation is competitive and based on experience.

Interested? Apply now.

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