Get a job: Mutant Arm Studios is hiring a Senior Concept Artist

The Senior Concept Artist plays a very important role on the Mutant Arm team, as this person will take an active part in the Design and Visual Development of our projects.

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Senior Concept Artist, Mutant Arm Studios

Location: Bend, Oregon

Mutant Arm Studios is an up-and-coming independent developer, based along the beautiful Cascade mountain range, in Bend, Oregon. We are a fun-sized group of highly skilled developers, led by an Industry proven AAA Design team, working with one of the industry’s most prominent publishing partners.

At Mutant Arm Studios, one of the core pillars of our company is to hire team members who are game developers FIRST, and specialists second. Our goal is to build and maintain a focused group of game-makers, who are looking to approach game development in a creative and holistic way, and truly connect with players.

We’ve done it all before, and our mission now is simple: “Let’s make some seriously cool games, with some seriously cool people.”


The Senior Concept Artist plays a very important role on the Mutant Arm team, as this person will take an active part in the Design and Visual Development of our projects. Because of this, we will give special consideration to applicants who are avid game players and experienced game developers, over candidates who can simply draw well (…you still must be able to draw well!). We are making games here, so a familiarity with (and opinions about) gameplay mechanics and creating immersive worlds are a definite plus! You need to know how to have fun!!

The Senior Concept Artist works together with the Art Director to create and communicate a visual language for each project, that can be used to convey story, tone, style, and most importantly, critical gameplay information, in a way that feels right for the worlds we’re creating.

This person also works with Game Designers and World Architects to communicate functionality and intent, in a clear, yet creative way. (e.g. how should a modular kit be broken up, or how does an in-game puzzle move and work? How does a player or enemy attack?)

While this person should be very well rounded, and up for multiple types of concept creation, an emphasis in Environmental design is a serious plus.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Expert understanding of basic composition and spatial relationships, color theory and light, line and form, mood and tone, perspective and proportion, movement and pose, etc… You get where we’re heading here, right? A mastery of traditional art concepts.
  • Excellent 2d design and rendering skills, as well as sketching and thumbnailing, storyboarding, creating model sheets and lighting keys, as well as paint-overs and rough schematics.
  • Must be able to ideate and iterate quickly and clearly during Prototyping and Viz Dev phases of development.
  • The ability to work in multiple different art styles, as well as the desire to create new ones!
  • Expert understanding of Adobe photoshop. Experience with 3d software a plus. Traditional media a plus!
  • Attention to detail is imperative!! Please put the word “fishbowl” in the subject line of your response.
  • The ability to effectively communicate potentially complex ideas and concepts visually, as well as verbally between team-mates and departments.
  • The ability to take direction, constructive criticism, and accept that not everything will make it into the game, in a professional manner. We try a LOT of new ideas and throw a LOT of things out here. There’s no crying in baseball!
  • Must have at least 5 years in the Games Industry, with at least 2 titles shipped. AAA preferred, but not absolutely necessary - we can get down with some cool Indie art.
  • Experience with modular asset design a plus.
  • Background in Architectural or industrial design a plus.
  • Understanding of World creation and level design a plus
  • A love of games is required! Be prepared to talk to us about what you did and did not love about various games!
  • A positive attitude!! We’re a smallish team of people who like games, and like each other. One grumpy person can ruin it for everyone.
  • We are also an equal opportunity employer, and enjoy a diverse team! If you’re someone who does not enjoy a diverse team, do us all a favor and don’t apply here!

Interested? Apply now.

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