Get a job: Guild Wars 2 studio ArenaNet seeks a Character Artist

The developers of Guild Wars 2 are looking for an experienced artist to join the team as a character artist at ArenaNet's Bellevue, WA studio.

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Character ArtistArenaNet

Location: Bellevue, WA

We’re ArenaNet, a studio making online worlds infused with innovation, hand-crafted excellence, and creative passion. Our passion is broadly shared; gamers made Guild Wars 2 the fastest selling MMO game in the West with more than 3 million copies sold in its first 9 months, and players and press have consistently called it one of the best MMOs of all time.

Our studio is built on foundations of excellence with a focus on community.  We constantly innovate, unlocking the true potential of online role-playing with game-changing titles like Guild Wars 2 and beyond. The status quo isn’t good enough for our dedicated worldwide community of players which is why we question the de facto industry conventions and demand more from ourselves as developers.

We are looking for a character artist that shares our passion for creating worlds and the characters and creatures that fill it. This person will have a talent for creating the high res sculpt as well as the final, low res in-game model. They will join in brainstorming sessions applying their skills and vision to the heroes and horrors of Tyria. They will be self-motivated, collaborative and dedicated to the creative process.   


  • Create high-resolution character models in Zbrush or Mudbox
  • Create low-resolution game models including uv’s, and textures using Maya and Photoshop
  • Collaborate with designers, animators, concept artists and other teams to bring a shared vision to life                                                                                   


  • Proactive collaborator and problem solver
  • Attention to artistic and technical detail
  • Experience modeling game-ready characters
  • Skilled in Zbrush or Mudbox and Max or Maya and Photoshop
  • A good understanding of anatomy
  • Ability to take direction and offer suggestions on technique and best practices
  • Traditional and digital art skills
  • Able to match the Guild Wars art style and quality level


  • Game development experience and a passion for the process
  • Dedicated gamer and fantasy/sci-fi geek

Character Art Test
Please complete the following test before you apply. Upon completion, please apply and provide a link to your completed test either in your resume, cover letter, or send it to [email protected]. We do not accept Zip files unless they are hosted on a site as they will usually do not send properly.

This test is required for a complete application to our Concept Art position: if you fail to complete the test, you will not be considered for this position.

From the linked concept: , create a high resolution mesh using a package such as ZBrush, Mudbox and or Maya. Then convert the high resolution mesh to a 7500 poly low resolution mesh using a 1024 diffuse, specular, and normal map (3 maps total). Your test should demonstrate an understanding of modeling in high and low resolution, diversity in the appearance of texture using a single material.

  • 7500 triangles for the entire model (don’t worry about double-sided) 
  • Diffuse map, normal map, specular map (grayscale), alpha map (1-bit) – each 1024 x 1024
  • Optional: Reflection map mask to adjust environment reflections 
  • Although this is primarily a test on armor, we expect the body to be made as well. The face/head is not important and can be somewhat obscured as long as what IS visible does not seem awkward. Please remove unnecessary geometry (e.g., we only need the skin mesh where it’s actually visible).
  • Some criteria we’d like to see met: 
  • Very clean and effective normal map that shows a command for creating both organic shapes and hard edged armor
  • Texture materials clearly defined (leather looks like leather, metal looks like metal, etc.)
  • Artistic sense of proportion and contrast to bring out the best qualities of the armor set
  • Effective combination of alpha transparency and modeling out shapes to communicate complex forms within the polygon budget. 
  • The diffuse map should be made agnostic of specific lighting conditions, but artistic judgment in occluded shadows and general lighting to enhance the model’s presence is appreciated.

This is a temporary, full time on-site position at our studio in Bellevue, Washington. A casual, friendly work environment, comprehensive benefits package, a competitive salary, and more are all part of what makes ArenaNet a great place to work. Please include links to your current portfolio when applying.

Interested? Apply now.

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