Get a job: Heart Machine is hiring an Environment Artist

Heart Machine is looking for an Environment Artist capable of turning concept work and ideas into stunning in-game visuals.

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Environment ArtistHeart Machine

Location: Los Angeles, California

We have a unique and highly stylized aesthetic, which is a major component of our identity. Finding someone who can translate all of the concept work and ideas we create into something stunning in-game is vital!

Help us craft the look of a new world with eye-searing lighting effects, building out in-game assets and landscapes, implementing unique rendering methods and many other techniques to achieve the look we need to make the game shine. Ideally you’ll have a strong eye for form, composition, lighting, and color theory. If your portfolio includes more stylized, bright work, all the better!

Your responsibilities:

  • Model, texture, light and create collision for environments for use in-game.

  • Optimization for levels and geometry; our game is big, with large scale objects, so keeping a close eye on performance is crucial.

  • Contribute lighting, normal maps, specular, gloss for multiple scenarios.

  • Work with the concept artists and the project director often to provide a consistent vision and style through all aspects of the game.

  • Craft great looking textures for any number of objects or characters.

  • Work with level designers to bring a blocked-out space to life.

  • Help tackle and solve issues with asset creation and performance.

  • Help research and develop new techniques for art pipeline

Skills + Experience:

  • Expert in Maya including modeling, lighting and texturing tools

  • Proficient with Zbrush and Photoshop

  • Strong understanding of architecture, lighting, composition and design

  • Able to create custom materials and all associated maps - bump, normal,

  • Experience in both static and dynamic lighting and shadow techniques

  • Comfortable with UE3/UE4

  • Ability to breakdown tasks with accurate time estimates, from high-level components to smaller tasks.

  • Capable of working independently, keeping on-task and motivated.

  • Excited and able to work with a small, nimble team and participate in major decisions.

  • Bonus - Houdini experience.

Heart Machine is a small, deeply motivated and close-knit team located in Los Angeles. Our focus is gameplay that’s engaging, fluid and fun, while also building atmosphere through lush art and sound design. We’re immensely excited to be creating things we love every day.

Our next project is ramping up production: we’re looking for talented, passionate, smart and lovely people to become part of our crew, to help build and shape something ambitious and completely unique from the ground up.

Working with us:

Since we’re a smaller team we each have several roles we fulfill, so a broad and deep knowledge of game design is a huge advantage. You’ll be working and communicating with many other multi-disciplined team members in order to bring this vision to life.

Although we work incredibly hard, our studio is not a crunch-factory - we like to live our lives, have holidays, and remain healthy throughout a project. We like to hangout with other devs, host events, have board game nights and go to museums.

All full-time employees will be offered a robust medical package, including dental. Salary and bonus structure are competitive and can be discussed upon interview. Ideally you’re located in Los Angeles, or at the least willing to relocate.

Interested? Apply now.

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