Get a job: Harmonix is hiring a Visual FX Artist

The folks behind Fantasia: Music Evolved and A City Sleeps need an experienced visual effects artist to join the team in Harmonix's Cambridge, MA studio.
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Visual FX Artist, Harmonix Music Systems

Location: Cambridge, MA Harmonix is one of the worldas leading independent game development studios. Weare actively creating fun, groundbreaking, interactive experiences. Whether your work is on existing franchises or inventing new games; itas an exciting time to be a part of our growing family. Want to think big in our Cambridge-based urban hideout? Apply now to learn more. Responsibilities - Leverage your expert knowledge of shaders, particle systems and game engines to bring environments and characters to life. - Create visuals and visual effects spanning a wide spectrum of art styles, from realistic to abstract. - Apply your experience to develop creative ideas and solutions that meet the needs of a multi-disciplinary scrum team. - Work efficiently in a fast-paced, iterative development environment. - Research, learn, and disseminate information about new technology and production techniques. - Keep up with the latest FX work in games and film. Qualifications - Expert skills in shaders, particle systems, and materials. - 3+ years games industry experience. - 2+ AAA console or PC titles shipped. - Proficient in game engines such as Unreal, Unity, or proprietary engines. - BFA from accredited Art or Design college. - Excellent communication skills. - Basic animation and 3D low/high poly modeling skills, a plus. Sample Work Required (Please provide the following): - A link to an online portfolio and demo reel that is kept up-to-date. - An explanation of your work: what you were responsible for, what tools were used, etc. Harmonix is an equal opportunity employer. EOE/M/F/D/AAP Interested? Get started here. Are you a recruiter looking for talent? Post jobs here.

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