Get a job: Fantasy Flight Interactive is hiring a Technical Art Director

The team is looking for an Art Director who will be responsible for the visual quality of their games and maintaining high-quality visual consistency in all aspects of the games they develop.

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Technical Art Director, Fantasy Flight Interactive (via Asmodee North America)

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Fantasy Flight Interactive is the video game development studio for Fantasy Flight Games, a world-class creator of role-playing, board and card games.

We’re expanding to create new games and share them with the world at large. Specifically, we’re looking for an Art Director who will be responsible for the visual quality of our games and maintaining high quality visual consistency in all aspects of the games we develop. This role has a specific focus on the technical aspects of art content creation, but we expect you to have a strong personal aesthetic sense as well.

You will work closely with the Studio Head, Creative Directors, Producers and Development Teams to commission, develop and implement art, animation, UI, UX and each visual component of each game we make across multiple teams. You will work with the art directors at our partner studios to set the standards, perform due diligence and make sure the games they are crafting meets our high expectations.

You will be the gatekeeper for every visual item that is checked into each game and the person responsible for making sure they are uniformly great before the final release and into live operations.

Essential Functions:

  • Collaborate Closely with the Studio Head, Creative Directors and Partner Studio Art Leads to deliver world-class visuals that delight our fans and meet our business goals.
  • Inspire and Motivate our development teams and partners to deliver their best work and provide effective and constructive feedback to improve our games overall.
  • Communicate art pipeline documentation and assist in the creation of art requisitions, art tool requisition and development tools
  • Perform due diligence on partner studios and potential partner studios to ensure that they measure up to our high visual and technical expectations
  • Develop and update internal art pipeline, review and approval procedures
  • Create mockups and technical wireframes
  • Occasionally create and implement visual content when required or desired (you don’t want your skills to get rusty, and neither do we)
  • Work with the art teams at Fantasy Flight Games to requisition or acquire art for our digital projects
  • Plan project art schedules and oversee art content creation
  • Requisition art from outside studios and oversee art development with individual outside contractors
  • Prepare and Provide artwork for licensor approval
  • Assist in the creation of presentations, game pitches and advertising pieces as required
  • Keep up with the latest trends and technical tools for art content development


  • Minimum 2-year degree (4-year degree preferred) in art related studies
  • Minimum of 5+ years of direct art development experience in video games
  • Must have served as an art senior, art lead or art director on a published or soon to be published video game project

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Strong demonstrable skills in a variety of art content packages with an emphasis on technical understanding of art content creation
  • Strong knowledge of the latest trends, technologies and tools for creating cutting edge game visuals.
  • Experience working in Unity Game Engine (additional experience in Unreal a major plus)
  • Ability to Communicate effectively, with a working knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite
  • Experience with PowerPoint and/or Prezi Presentation tools
  • A demonstrable and fantastic aesthetic sense
  • An ability to give clear direction and share your vision
  • Passion, energy and enthusiasm

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Animation Experience with a professional animation suite
  • Rigging Experience
  • 3D Model Creation
  • Strong 2D Art Skills

Interested? Apply now.

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