Get a job: Disruptor Beam seeks a Lead 3D Artist 2

Disruptor Beam seeks someone with experience in 3D art and design to take a lead role in the Boston-based studio's efforts to create content for Star Trek and Game of Thrones social/mobile games.

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Lead 3D ArtistDisruptor Beam

Location: Framingham, MA

Disruptor Beam does not have a traditional art pipeline. Our artists are equally skilled at creating amazing-looking art within modeling tools as they are at rendering them in real-time within Unity--together with shaders and lighting systems that deliver high-quality experiences. To hear our team talk about our art department, you can watch this video.

We’re looking for a lead 3D artist who can create gorgeous, engaging content for mobile and online games based on iconic franchises such as Game of Thrones and Star Trek. This is a leadership position where you’ll help us set the bar for what our 3D graphics department is capable of. If you’ve ever wanted to help build a company as well as great games, this is your opportunity.


  • Create complete art assets; from initial design to in-engine optimization
  • Modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, animating of characters and environments
  • Create high-quality visual effects using shaders and particles
  • Use creativity and visual storytelling to solve problems in game design
  • Work closely with engineers and designers to work out technical challenges pertaining to the art pipeline
  • Help us build the 3D art department: mentor, advise on hires, tools, etc.


  • Interest in not only building games but building a company—help us set the bar for what 3D graphics can mean on tablet/mobile!
  • Strong familiarity with commercial 3D design packages (3DS Max and/or Maya)
  • Familiarity with implementing shader graphs and particle systems in a commercial game engine environment
  • Experience with commercial graphics pipelines, scripting and a track record shipping commercial games
  • Ability to push the envelope of possibilities—don’t just follow in industry foot-steps, but set a whole new direction
  • High technical knowledge

This is an on-site position in Framingham, MA (near Boston).  We'll cover relocation expenses.

When applying for this position, please include a link to your most recent portfolio of work along with your cover letter and resume. In addition to your portfolio, please tell us a bit about some of the technical challenges (shaders, lighting, etc.) that you've solved when creating real-time applications of your art.

Interested? Apply now.

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