Get a job: Deep Silver Volition seeks a senior Technical Artist

Saints Row developer Deep Silver Volition is looking to bring on an experienced technical artist to take a senior position at its headquarters in Champaign, Illinois.

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Senior Technical ArtistDeep Silver Volition

Location: Champaign, IL

You will be working in a collaborative environment of artists, designers, and programmers.

You will have the opportunity to push the quality of content through the continued development of cutting-edge tools and pipelines for next-gen game development.

We are considering qualified applicants for a senior or principal technical artist position.

• Design and assist in developing tools and pipelines for Artists and Designers.
• Proactively seek out inefficiencies and problems in existing pipelines and identify potential solutions.
• Improve and enhance tools/processes throughout the project cycle.
• Assist programmers and designers in researching and developing new game features.
• Assist in checking art content against technical guidelines prior to integration in the game.

• Fluent knowledge of at least one major 3D software package (Max, Maya, XSI).
• Must be able to work comfortably with common scripting languages (MAX script, MEL script, Python, etc.).
• Demonstrated initiative and strong problem-solving skills.
• 4+ years of experience in the game industry or 6+ years in 3D computer graphics industry.

Sample Work Required:
• Samples, demonstrations or documentation of tools pipelines developed to overcome past challenges.
• Strong art portfolio demonstrating proficiency and talent with both CG and traditional art skills (Preferably via online or CD/DVD) is encouraged, but not required.

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