Get a job: Cloud Imperium Games seeks to hire a Graphic Designer

One of the studios behind Chris Roberts' Star Citizen is hiring an experienced graphic designer to work on the crowdfunded space game alongside the team in CIG's Santa Monica, CA offices.

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Graphic DesignerCloud Imperium Games

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Cloud Imperium Games is seeking a seasoned and accomplished Graphic Designer for our record-breaking crowd-funded game, Star Citizen!


• Create high quality white room product shots for the Roberts Space Industries website.
• Support web and social publishing (YouTube key-frames, one-off imagery).
• Create mind-blowing keynote presentations for Chris Roberts and the Star Citizen team.
• Define unified graphic design style for web and video marketing.
• Create high quality paint-overs for marketing initiatives.
• Work with Star Citizen’s marketing, production and art teams to create awesome content on a tight schedule.
• Assist in the design/layout of PDF booklets, including game manuals, monthly Jump Point magazines and in-fiction ship brochures.
• Skillfully create clean, detail-oriented layouts for electronic communications, client presentations, invitations, corporate identity pieces, signage, hangtags, packaging, advertising, catalogs and various other marketing materials following defined branding.
• Communicate clearly with domestic and international partners to assist in managing graphic production of marketing and promotional materials.
• Manage multiple projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines and expectations.
• Develops traditional, video and interactive multi-media presentations.
• Communicates project progression to appropriate parties.
• Maintains cutting edge technical knowledge.


• Advanced expertise in print and web layout design and creation.
• Polished art and graphic design skills.
• Skilled in presentation layout (PowerPoint, Prezi).
• Strong paint-over skills.
• 3D white-room rendering and lighting skills.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and meet tight deadlines.
• Detail-oriented and a self-starter.
• Expertise with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, and other professional-level graphics software suites.


• Motion Graphics Experience for Video
• Flash Experience
• Experience working with CryEngine.
• Passion for science-fiction, video games, and space simulations.

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