Get a job: Be a Concept Artist at Zenimax's Battlecry Studios

Zenimax Media's Austin-based Battlecry Studios (currently developing, appropriately enough, Battlecry) seeks an experienced server engineer to help coordinate back-end technology development.

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Lead Concept ArtistBattlecry Studios

Location: Austin, TX

BattleCry Studios, the newest ZeniMax studio in Austin, is seeking a talented Lead Concept Artist for recently announced title, BATTLECRY

In this role, you will:

  • Partner with Art Director Andrew Collins (SW:TOR, Star Wars Galaxies) and Creative Director Viktor Antonov (creative lead on Half Life 2 and Dishonored) to help drive our distinctive art style and evolve the vision of BATTLECRY
  • Lead and mentor a team of concept artists
  • Collaborate with the art team to implement and maintain the creative vision for the game
  • Ensure quality and consistency of assets by maintaining responsibility over your work throughout BATTLECRY’s development

To be successful, you must have:

  • Excellent traditional artistic skills with a strong grasp of composition, anatomy, color theory, perspective, lighting, environment, architectural, character, costume and graphic design
  • Proficiency in life drawing as well as a strong imagination and willingness to push the envelope, and to innovate within the parameters of the game’s world
  • The ability to storyboard and help conceptualize character movement and VFX
  • Strong communication and excellent visual storytelling and written skills
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to accurately estimate tasks and maintain schedules
  • Strong communication skills and understanding of various art disciplines (animation, character, environment, VFX)
  • A very strong understanding of characters and ability to push a variety of styles
  • A passion for gaming

It’d be great if you also have:

  • Experience in the game industry, even better if in AAA game development
  • Strong understanding of various architectural styles and early 20th century mechanics

Interested? Apply now.

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