Get a job: BattleCry is hiring a Lead Environment Artist

Got some chops as a leader and an artist? Austin-based BattleCry Studios is looking to hire a lead environment artist to work on its upcoming online team combat game Battlecry.
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Lead Environment Artist, BattleCry Studios

Location: Austin, TX BattleCry Studios is seeking a Lead Environment Artist to help create our newly announced title, BattleCry. In this role, you will: - Utilize an understanding of various architectural styles and systems in-game. - Pay close attention to detail in the environments to ensure grounded, believable spaces. - Help support narrative in environment design to support our games' fiction. - Mentor and manage a team of talented environment artists onsite (as well as interface with outsourcing groups and vendors). - Work with the art director and environment artists to maintain artistic style and quality in the environments, including asset creation, lighting, level build out, and skybox/env globals. - Create efficient in-game models, UVas and textures. - Be accountable for deadlines. You should have: - 2+ years of experience leading an art team, preferably in a AAA games studio. - Experience with multiplayer environment creation. - Experience with environment production in the games industry. - Experience in game engine environment setup (lighting, time of day, env. globals such as fog/skyboxes, palette control, and post process effects). - Understanding of modularity and environment systems used in fast, iterative and efficient production. - Knowledge of how to reuse textures efficiently to build additional level assets. - Understanding of the use modern materials and shaders. - Strong skills in industry standard tools such as 3DS Max, Photoshop, ZBrush, and various support programs. - Excellent problem solving skills, able to identify and resolve issues, and understanding of technical dependencies and engine limitations. - Strong foundation in traditional arts. - Understanding of art pipelines, workflows, environment scale, form, and composition. - The ability to work well in a creative, collaborative environment and must have a passion for gaming. - The ability to demonstrate a high amount of attention to artistic and technical detail. It would be great if you also had: - 5+ yearsa experience and multiple shipped titles. - Previous AAA game development. - Strong previous work relationship between environment and level design. Interested? Get started here. Are you a recruiter looking for talent? Post jobs here.

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