Get a job: Apple is hiring a VR/AR Programmer

The house responsible for iOS (among other things) seeks an experienced VR/AR game/app coder to work on game engine development and other tool design at Apple's Cupertino, CA offices.

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VR/AR ProgrammerApple

Location: Cupertino, CA

Changing the world is all in a day's work at Apple. If you love innovation, here's your chance to make a career of it.

Play a part in the next revolution in user experience by delivering cinematic user interfaces and simplifying human interface in fundamental ways.  Build a team to develop new user interaction solutions, while working on innovative products.

We are looking for an exceptional Senior Software Engineer with a proven track record in Virtual and Augmented reality. The successful candidate will develop software and tools that use VR and AR to push the state of the art to enable development of Apple’s next generation of products.

Key Qualifications

Development on VR/AR platforms


Virtual Reality development experience: you have shipped a VR application, product, or game

Excel at rapid prototyping and concept proving


3D graphics, OpenGL/DirectX

iOS/OS X application development

UI/UX design

Game engine development (Unity/Unreal)

Ability to rapidly survey & analyze applications and devices in competitive landscapes

Ability to understand engineering analysis of complex systems and interpret the result in relation to the user experience

Strong commitment to stability, performance, & outstanding user experience

Thrives on learning new technologies; excellent debugging and troubleshooting skills

Experience in a fast paced, cross-functional software environments


M.S. in Engineering or industry experience equivalent

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