Get a job: Amazon Game Studios is hiring a Senior VFX Artist

The game teams at Amazon are looking for a passionate, experienced VFX artist to design and implement stunning visual effects in Irvine, California.

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Senior VFX Artist, Amazon Game Studios

Location: Irvine, California

Amazon is all in on games.

2016 is already a year of firsts for Double Helix, and for gaming at Amazon. In February, Amazon released Lumberyard, a free, cloud connected game engine. In April, we moved to a state-of-the-art game studio and streaming facility. Later this year, we will reveal the first of our new projects to the world. What milestones will you be part of?

We believe the evolution that began with arcade communities a quarter at a time, growing to the live streams and eSports of today, will continue to a future where everyone is a gamer and every gamer can create, compete, collaborate and connect with others at massive scales. If you share our belief that games will produce some of the future’s most influential voices in media and art, come join us. At Amazon’s Double Helix Studio, you’ll have the power of Amazon Web Services’ cloud, Twitch, Amazon eCommerce, and our digital and physical media publishing infrastructure available as raw material to forge a future filled with amazing experiences for players, broadcasters and creators.

Combining a startup atmosphere with the ambition to build cutting-edge technology, the game teams at Amazon are looking for a passionate, experienced VFX artist to design and implement stunning visual effects.

Job Description
· Design creative visual solutions to convey gameplay information to players.
· Conceptualize, create and execute real-time particle systems to visually enhance the gameplay experience.
· Collaborate cross-functionally with art directors, visual effect leads, and design, engineering, audio and animation teams to develop and integrate visual effects.
· Utilize advanced knowledge of real-time game engine systems including particle systems, animated geometry, destruction events, post and full screen effects, and creation of materials to clarify and enhance the impact of design features and modes.
· Employ production skills including modeling, texturing and lighting.
· Apply animation principles of squash and stretch, timing, and anticipation.
· Partner with engineers to define and contribute to new tools and production pipelines.
· Integrate aesthetics and high quality production skills to guide visual appeal, color balance, and other gameplay elements.
· Run performance measuring software and troubleshooting techniques in-game to optimize visual effects.
· Work with producers to complete tasks by the assigned due dates.
· Work with art lead to achieve the necessary final effects quality.


· 3+ years of experience as a Visual Effects Artist
· Skillful game development particle simulations using 3D software including Autodesk Maya or 3DS Max, or particle editor software
· Proficient with game development texture creation using Adobe Photoshop or After Effects
· Superior eye for light, value, composition, color, staging, and detail in environmental design
· Solid knowledge and demonstration of animation principles.
· Experience working in the pre-production aspects of game development and movie / animated feature film-making


· Familiar with working with traditional art mediums
· Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Art, Media Arts, Design, Computer Animation, Computer Science or a related field
· Production experience in Unity, Unreal, CryEngine or equivalent industry-used game engine
· Unrelenting self-motivation and drive

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