Building a Home for Our Brains!

Just showing how I modeled the brain jars that are on the website header and Facebook profile.

There is a lot more to building entertainment software and websites than people might image.  I wasa little surprised by comments and emails about the blog “Modeling the BCK,Part I” I had no idea that so many people were interested in the development process.  Anyhow here are some screenshots I took while modeling the brain jars to hold our brains J  These are the same jars you see at the top ofthe blog header on the site.  Enjoy! 

Here is an overview with definitions as to what is in this model.

-       Objects: 68 (how many individual models used together to make it)

-       Shapes: 6 (These are splines or lines used to create paths and cross sections of models)

-       Lights: 4

-       Helpers: 23 (Objects used to help with the manipulation of objects you can see)

-       Vertices: 134913 (In a nutshell intersections or where the corners of polygons touch)

-       Faces: 267668 (a face is a 4 sided polygon usually made of two triangles)

Brain Jar Modeling


Brain Jar Modeling


Finished Brain Jar


You can read more and follow me and Neuron Games, Inc. here:

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