Ah, triage.

Ah, triage. The vast majority of my freelance work these days comes in at the last minute. Usually on fire.

Ah, triage.  The vast majority of my freelance work these days comes in at the last minute.  Usually on fire.   During a really good week, I may have, oh, three of four days to complete a project.  More often than not though the conversation runs like this:

IM MikeyJoe:  Hey!  U round

IM Me: Yeppers, what's up?

IM MikeyJoe: My AD went to Burning Man, you up for a project?

IM Me:  Sure thing.  Whats the project?

IM MikeyJoe:  Need VZN Banners for product launch.  Emailing u details


IM Me:  Coolness, that's 15 banner ads?

IM Mikey Joe:  Ya.  We need you to redo the title screen too.

IM Me:  Kay.  What's the deadline?

IM  MikeyJoe:  We need them by 8am, is that okay?

***PAUSE FOR SANITY-CHECK***  (I usually fail these, it's the mark of a freelancer)

IM Me:  Not a problem.  Got game assets?

IM MikeyJoe:  I'll check, one sec.


IM MikeyJoe:  Got three dummy-scrns.  Emailing now

IM Me:  k

IM Me: Um.  These are 80x80, got anything bigger?

IM MikeyJoe:  ....  The AD went to Burning Man

IM Me:  Ah.  'K


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